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Return Policy


Because of practical and organizational reasons, we have decided to handle all complaints as from February 1st of the year following the shipment of the goods. Complaints about goods shipped in 2019 will be accepted until January 31st, 2020 and will be treated as from February 1st, 2020. We strive to combine complaints (per customer) and treat them in one go with the intention to establish one single credit note.

All complaint reports shall be accompanied by visual material which means videos for items that have problems with sound, movement, light and pictures for items with breakage. Notifications that do not meet these requirements cannot be treated.

We also kindly invite you to keep all defective items at disposal until you have received a message that your complaint has been processed.

Complaints/damages as a result of transport have to be reported immediately – with supporting evidence (photographs, etc.) – so that we can immediately inform our transport company.

Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.