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“We can proudly say that Timstor Nv is today a leader in Europe with regards to Christmas villages and houses”

Our mission

Our mission

When the current managers took over Timstor in 2010, we still celebrated Christmas in the traditional way, completely different from today.

At that time, Timstor was mainly associated with Santa Clauses, Christmas houses and Christmas villages.

Our villages are still of the utmost importance, but more and more new product groups are being added to our range, such as nutcrackers, gnomes, elves, gingerbread…

More than in previous years, the focus is on the atmosphere and the feeling of Christmas.

Our Christmas collection is therefore greatly appreciated by our customers, a group that is constantly growing.

The goal and mission is to excel and select the best for the best possible price.

Our entire team, whom we greatly appreciate, makes the Christmas experience a reality for everyone.

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Herman Hermans
Stijn Hermans
Managers Timstor